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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, Makarem has the answers

Booking Online

  • Do I need to give my credit card to make an online reservation? Is it secure?

    Yes, a credit card is required for all reservations made via the Internet. To protect against the unauthorized use of your credit card, the reservations process is handled on a secure server that encrypts your credit card information. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.

  • Will my credit card be charged if I don't cancel and don't show up?

    Yes, reservations are automatically guaranteed to your credit card. You will be charged for the first night’s stay only. To avoid being charged, reservations must be canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy outlined by the hotel for the rate and dates booked.

  • How do I view or cancel a reservation that I reserved online?

    Click on the MY RESERVATION link above and enter your reservation number to access your booking.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Reservations must be canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy outlined by the hotel for the rate and dates booked.

  • How do I notify the hotel that I will be arriving after the check-in time?

    All reservations that are guaranteed with a credit card are held for late arrivals. If you know in advance that you will be arriving late, please make a note of this in the "Special requests" section of the reservation form. If you’re late arrival is for the next day, please contact the hotel directly.

  • I am traveling with a child. Will this affect my reservations?

    If you are traveling with a child, this may affect your accommodations. When making a reservation, please make sure to indicate the number of adults as well as the number of children when prompted. Additionally, include the number of children and their ages in the "special requests" during your reservation process. If you should have any concerns, please contact the property directly.

  • I have a billing problem/ question.

    Billing is processed by the property. Contacting the hotel directly may expedite resolution of your issue. If you prefer, you may provide us your information by contacting MakareMe and we will document your feedback and forward to the property. They will reply to you by e-mail, telephone or mail as soon as possible.

  • What if I want to reserve a group of rooms?

    If you need more than two rooms, you can make multiple reservations. However, for bookings requiring five or more rooms, it would be best to contact our reservation center (+966 920000547) and inquire about group discounts that may be available.


  • How do I enroll in Karam Club Card?

    • There are three ways:
    • Just click here to access dedicated Karam Club Card website.
    • Via our Front Desk Staff — they can enroll you on the spot when you check-in at the Front Desk.
    • Call MakareMe guest care center (+966 920000547)
  • How do I learn more about Karam Club Card?

    To learn more, visit Karam Club Card website or call MakareMe guest care center (+966 920000547).