Sustainable Development at Makarem hotels

Sustainable Development

Together, with MakaremCare, we are making a better world

Makarem Hotels, as a proud member of Saudi-grown Dur Hospitality, is rapidely developing. As a highly successful venture, we recognize the importance of ensuring that we care for our environment, our community, the future of the Kingdom and the world. As such  we developed a highly effective and demanding strategy that not only enriches our stakeholders, but also the communities and environments we are involved in. 

We make it a point to address the social, economic and sustainability issues important to the communities we impact, may they be in our direct environment or on the other side of the world through our fair purchasing initiatives. Through innovative personal development and  constant research on forward-thinking solutions (from efficient building design to day-in / day-out operational management of our hotels) we are developing and implementing strict corporate social responsibility guidelines that govern all of Makarem policies, being anchored in our DNA. 

We leave the world a better place than when we arrived.